Entering the blogsphere, oh gawd

Hiya, hello and welcome to the musings of a [work-in-progress] writer, who is more terrified of posting about herself online than venturing out into the wilds aka the world of Man (and Women, because if I don’t mention that it will trigger everyone).

Nonsense aside though, I just wanted to start a blog since I have been debating about it for years in college. I wanted to find a creative outlet other than writing fanfictions which if you are curious about my work I will leave a link here.  I want to give this blogging thing a shot and see where that will lead me.

I just graduated in January of 2017 with a bachelors in Creative Writing and History. As it stands and currently, I am a proud mom of one with varied interests from reading and writing about history, to playing video games (I grew up with consoles and was converted to the PC master race by my husband and we bought PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch recently, so I guess I am committing heresy now?). I take 5000 trips to the nearest Starbucks to get my ice coffee fix (and my socializing fix as well). I take weekly trips to the mall to get my “recommended” exercise while my ears are blasted with my selection of dated music on shuffle while pondering my purpose in life as someone freshly graduated from college.

My daughter steam rolled into my world in the midst of my second semester in college, thanks Y for ruining my unrealistically perfect plans that don’t take into consideration the unpredictable shit-hits-the fan aspects of life, but I do love you more than life itself so that makes up for everything. Otherwise, I had a good life so far juggling parenthood, wifely and housewifely duties.

As for the theme of this blog, because I am just starting out, forgive me if I still don’t quite get all this blogging stuff. I almost cried at the bagillions choices of lay outs (why do they do that, just give me one pretty and sleek layout and I am fine with it!). I am the kinda gal whose happy sticking to the same dish that she orders over and over again because she knows that it is safe and it will taste good and it won’t be waste… Now that I think about it, this is probably something that I should change and I agree it’s fun to try out new stuff but as someone who likes to be safe and certain that things will turn out the way she wants it… I am not sure who is talking anymore, is it you sister insecurities? Uncle social anxiety? Or the esteemed Madame shyness?

Anyway! I want to explore different things on this blog (writing, books, my life, observations, hobbies, etc.) anything that sparks my interest. I am more than happy for any kind of feedback or comments, whatever, I am also here to connect with other humans too as that obviously is something that can always be improved…

We will see how this will go. Feel free to give me feedback and constructive criticism. They are always very helpful.

Have a pleasant day and Jeanne out!

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