Hello! My name is Jeanne. Thank you for dropping by 😀

I am a proud married momma bear of 2 girls, who are my everything, but also depending on the days have the ability to send me through a cheese grater.

If you haven’t gathered I love writing, not just snappy or deep posts, but stories too. Fiction is definitely my jam with some dabbling into video game and anime fanfictions.

Finally, I love history, especially certain key periods between the 18th and 20th century such as the American Revolution, WWI, WWII, Russian History, basically anything that has men and women running around in daper suits and dresses, stays (corsets), top hat wearing, cane-walking and the pressures to stay and act one’s social classes.

So, that’s it about me. Hope you learned something valuable about me, if you aren’t too sure, just keep coming back to my blog and I will dish out more salacious but extremely ordinary content about the life of a mother who has lofty ambitions but has no flipping clue how to execute them or apply them into real life.

Thanks for reading and happy reading!