Hello! My name is Jeanne. Thank you for dropping by 😀

I like to live dangerously…through writing stories and blog posts. And I ain’t got time to cut corners, when you read my posts you will get the real deal, no B.S, no cutting corners, no filter (and I am not talking the cat-dog whatsisit ‘gram filter) and no facetune, because life ain’t like the movies or as pretty and *cough* perfect *cough* as social media portrays it to be.

I finished as much as I could my college education, at least getting a bachelors in History and Creative Writing, so that is Grrrrrrrreat or that is something to be proud of in this day and age, right? Could I get some freebies if I flash my qualifications for some extra money to pay the bills and feed my babies? That would be great.

I am a proud married momma bear of 2 girls, who are my everything, but also depending on the days have the ability to send me through a cheese grater. I hope I will be grated from the finest Swiss cheese, because I am staunch Swiss with a love and pride for chocolate, bread, cheese, fondue, Raclette and Cheese Royale. Come at me Hershey’s and Godiva!

Anyways. If you made it so far, good on you, now pay me! JK, is that what the young ‘uns say nowadays? You can pay me in kindness and readership and interactions, that’s gud for me.

If you haven’t gathered I love writing, not just snappy or deep posts, but stories too. Fiction is defiantly…AHA see what I did there?! I triggered the grammar Nazis and myself, I HATE THAT TYPO…

Anyhow, fiction is my life, I dabbled primarily in fanfictions such as Harry Potter, Naruto and more recently Assassin’s Creed video games, however I have taken a break from that to write more seriously… As in I hope whatever story I write from now on will reach a wider audience or just blow people’s minds or even if it is used for kindling a fire in an emergency situation, I would be still happy.

On top of that, to disappoint all the old farts out there who can’t keep up with the young ‘uns, I enjoy video games that are plot driven, atmospheric with well-fleshed characters among my favorites are Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dishonored and Assassins’ Creed. I also enjoy listening a variety of music styles and genres. It plays an important part to the creative process in my writing, I basically have a full fledged inner mind IMAX cinema with awesome BGM playing in the background and it’s for FREE!

Finally, I love history, especially certain key periods between the 18th and 20th century such as the American Revolution, WWI, WWII, Russian History, basically anything that has men and women running around in daper suits and dresses, corset fitting, top hat wearing, cane-walking and the pressures to stay and act one’s social classes.

Yup, Jane Austen, the Bronte’s are my sisters from another mother and they speak to me on levels that they have influenced my unrealistic romantic ideals about love and men (Bless you and God damn you BBC’s Pride and Prejudice!).

So, that’s it about me. Hope you learned something valuable about me, if you aren’t too sure, just keep coming back to my blog and I will dish out more salacious but extremely ordinary content about the life of a mother who has lofty ambitions but has no flipping clue how to execute them or apply them into real life.

Thanks for reading and happy reading!